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Cosmic Trinity

Sovereignty Reclmation

Reclaiming all that you are, all your codes, your energy, your gifts so you can live clear in the knowing of who you are without even a fly disrupting your inner peace and knowing.

Expanding body awareness, nourishment, energy sensitivity and expressing love in form. Lighting up human reality with spirit embodiment.

Divine Union

Connection to masculine and feminine energy, evolving beyond dualities suffering, acceptance and compassion for The All.

Clearing unharmonic frequencies so you can live a life in balance. Creating the Divine union of unconditional love within yourself for a rippling effect on your outer world.


Beyond all veils, within and without. 

Honouring all human and none human aspects of the self. Exploring beyond society's norms to embody our truth.

Working with codes of creations, illuminating your shadows, developing initiative power and working with the bodies stargates.

 Womb reclamation Pathway 

Sensual Divine frequencies 

Pure creator codes for original organic blueprint embodiment.

Sacred sound, movement and written codes that mirror your soul essence.

Bringing your true essence and expression into its innocence and full acceptance.

Release shame, guilt and not-enoughness.

Cosmic Embodied 

Connecting your highest cosmic aspects while learning to ground down into the body and be present in the now!

Free yourself from what you thought you were or what others think you are and be your authentic whole self. 

Sacred Space

Being held by the Divine Mother to express your truth and purity. 

An abundance of ceremony and sacred space to bathe in your true essence.

A space to remember you are the Divine temple.

A space to be in devotion to your greatness. Session curated with the frequencies, healing, activations and practices that will bring the most effective transformation on your journey. 

Beloved Yoni keeper

You are here to evolve and reclaim your sacred vessel!


You are in the right place if you've finally realised all of you is holy, even your messy, your spiritual, your mundane, and your sexy. No more hiding and pretending to be something society has us believe is the right way to be or behave. You are here to be wild, authentic, sovereign and living by Divine nature.


Ready to say goodbye to giving your power away, being scared to shine your light and be authentic and intermate in relationships.

Say goodbye to lack of intimacy, self-esteem, and sex drive

Say goodbye to painful periods, discomfort, numbness and disconnect from your womb space.



Say hello!

To feel fully in your body, empowered, safe, orgasmic and aliveness!

Say yes to connecting to your body and womb wisdom

Say yes to connection and intimate relationships

Say yes to more pleasure

saying yes to merging spirituality into your sexuality

Saying yes to being able to express all that you are!



Crystalline Womb Temple is a container for you to discover the powerful combination of ancient Taoist practices that have helped women for thousands of years build a healthy relationship with their sexual life force energy, heal the womb and cultivate vitality and Georgia's intuitive arts that have been gifted from the cosmos.

This method is the golden ticket for resolving the fathomless wounds holding you back from things you desire more in life: Rich connected intimacy, sexual liberation, healthy relationships, self-expression, joy, bliss and true freedom.


. Imagine with me...

Through your devotion to your sexual vitality freedom, you relinquished yourself from sexual discomfort. Finally, you feel full body pleasure, a grounded practice for your pleasure to expand & grow, and you are free to be yourself...

Allowing the cosmos to move through you and become one with Pachamama and the elementals.

Feel the ecstatic aliveness and Divine union with all that is in an embodied centered way.


Sound expansive? Then jump on board!


Who are you once you move from disconnect to FULL BODY TURNED ON


You are the woman who feels confident in her sexuality, feels grounded yet one with the cosmos and knows how to create more pleasure, excitement, and nourishment in her life.

Imagine being in your liveness and truth in every aspect of your life.

Speaking your truth with love to all your friends and family. 

To share your wants, desires and needs in a relationship.


Make aligned decisions from a place of dharma and honour your wellbeing.  

When we are centred in our truth, listening to our body and spirit, we start to see life before it happens and feel present enough to speak, act and live joyfully, expressibly and humbly.


Who Thrives in Crystalline womb temple?

Let your womb & Heart thrive in it's sacred delight!

Devoted to your uprising

You are feeling the call to level up, wanting to become a better version of yourself, the true essence that lies under the conditioning.

This may be your first big move into a more sustainable way of moving through your 'stuff' and all the one-off sessions; self-help isn't moving the needle anymore.

Or maybe you've done a lot of spiritual work, but up until now, you didn't think sensual exploration and spirituality go hand in hand.

Turning a new milestone

You might be going through a big transition in your life, approaching a new decade, a divorce, family dynamics or a business change. Whatever it is, we need that support through our body and spirit to feel grounded and nurtured in the new phases of our life.

Pleasure is your birthright

You know there is more to life than what has been dished out so far, and now you have found the gates to more pleasure.

You just don't know which keys turn the lock, but you know the support from an expert guide will give you the expansion you've been longing for.


 Beloveds. You have stepped into the open heart of the Goddess; she is awakening more of her magic within you right now!


In this immersion, you will be initiated into exploring your inner worlds and discover what needs to be released, transformed, created, birthed and embodied.

It's a safe and sacred space for you to full show up and be seen.


Crystalline Womb Temple is a Divine channelling through the remembrance of Georgia Ashahra, who has many memories and recollections from other lifetimes. She calls her oversoul team her Cosmic Heart Family, together harmonising Divine codes of creation for recalibration of your Crystalline/ Celestial frequency embodiment.

The Cosmic Heart collective has been supporting and guiding the way to releasing outdated programming and opening to the Divine Goddess's expression. From there, light language was activated during these times of remembrance, among many other ceremonial ritual practices.

In this lifetime, Georgia has a background in Reiki, meditation, mindfulness, holistic bodywork/massage, Akashic records, EFT, crystal healing Taoist & Tantric sexual/feminine arts. What has been activated here is from the ancient, yet a very present moment, assistance of her multidimensional self. Together they are all designed to align to the Divine truth of one's being.

To truly awaken this expression of remembrance is to go within, deep within your cells & DNA. Everyone carries coding within their DNA that prevents us from developing and living our true, authentic selves. Likewise, everyone holds unique coding that either needs switching on through awareness and opening to Divinity.

 This wave of souls here on the Earth is creating a magnificent shift into Divine states of consciousness through rewiring these programming and downloading the Divine blueprint.

From this devotion to creating Heaven on Earth, we are moving to a new state of being. Each of us peeling away the layers, clearing the way and sending out the signal to be in our Divine alignment, which is the shift we've all been waiting for.


The missing element!

The Goddess

It takes both masculine and feminine principles for us to be in union and harmony within. Yet through many teachings, the Goddess has been taken out, thus causing imbalance.

She is the one that is the trees, the soil, the oceans and all of the creatures.

In honouring our bodies, the vessel that holds the aliveness of our life force/ sexual energy/ creative energy, we bring her alive in us; she is able to move us.


Sexual distortion and suppression leave many people using their sexual energy in an unbeneficial way. Either the power/force is given away or shut down.


Within this immersion, we will enjoy many practices that assist in expanding our capacity to hold more of our life force.

This is an innocent pleasure. The pleasure that awakens our essence. In Sanskrit, we call this energy Shakti; she is often coiled up like a serpent in the base of the spine, if neglected, she will stay there. In this case, we are going to adore her with our love and reverence.

Image by Jennifer Marquez

Can You Relate?

Trust you are in a safe space now my love...



Pleasing others, even when it makes your life difficult?



Doubting yourself, do you look outside for the answer and not listen to your body's yes and no?



Numbness or disconnected from your body's pleasure?



Discomfort in your womb space, emotional upheaval during menstruation?


Not feeling safe in your body or intimate relationships?


Perhaps something is blocking you from getting closer to yourself and others


Did you ever hear this before?


Here are some of the conditioning that's out there!

(P.S. None of these are the divine truth.)

  • Being orgasmic is only during sex or for sexual exploration

  • Erotic pleasure is for sex and will lead to sex.

  • You have to reach orgasm, and it should feel and look a particular way.

  • sex and spirituality are separate

  • Your sexual power is dangerous

  • You are separate from nature

  • Your feminine energy is less powerful than the masculine.

  • Pleasing your man is more important than your own needs.

Image by Daiga Ellaby

You are here to be a vessel for love.

It's time to feel safe to be you and shine your light!

You are the person who can heal yourself, see, feel and sense what needs to change in your life and womb.

I will be your guide holding your hand while you take the brave and ambitious step into the void.


You know how far you want to go and how much you desire to transform & transcend to become the Divine Spark you came here to be.

You are here to be a vessel for love.

It's time to feel safe to be you and shine your light!

You are the person who can heal yourself, see, feel and sense what needs to change in your life and womb.

I will be your guide holding your hand while you take the brave and ambitious step into the void.


You know how far you want to go and how much you desire to transform & transcend to become the Divine Spark you came here to be.




The guidance I have received from you has changed my world.

I knew I had to connect with you, and this work was going to somehow help me.

It's made me trust in my own healing abilities.

The sessions were like nothing I have ever experienced before, my whole body was moving and vibrating. The activations have been ongoing ever since, I can hear my soul pouring out from my heart.



The meditation and practices were absolutely wonderful, connecting me back to my true authentic self.


I still feel the energy. I am still moving


It has been an activation in my body to feel more of my own energy. I feel at peace with myself and lightness for the future. ️



The guidance I have received from you has changed my world.

I knew I had to connect with you, and this work was going to help me somehow.

It's made me trust in my own healing abilities.

The sessions were like nothing I had ever experienced before; my whole body was moving and vibrating. The activations have been ongoing ever since I can hear my soul pouring out from my heart.



Opening The pathways for the gentle awakening of your creative essence.

Welcoming a whole new way of healing and awakening your Yoni power.

Tap into your multidimensional aspects and receive an expanded awareness of what and who you are.



Sensual movement to express the full spectrum of the feminine.

Empowering your sexual life force to move through your body.

Activating your creative expression through all the senses and ways it wishes to be expressed.

Your cosmic womb mystic brew


Beyond the veil

Understanding how to exchange energy harmoniously,

moving beyond ancestral patterns.

Developing a union within you, your male and female channels, giving birth to your inner Goddess.



Refining sexual essence within inner alchemy.

Expanding your capacity to hold space for yourself and love and compassion.

Moving further into your authentic self and embodying soul, spirit and heart.

Image by Sarah Brown

Crystalline Womb Immersion




Healing alchmey

Inner Jounrey 

Spirit In motion

Somatic proclamation


































2 x 90-minute ceremonies

Opening and closing ceremony 

This whole experience is one living ceremony. But there are two very important keys to creating and holding temple space: opening and closing the space. 
These ceremonies open the space, create sacred bounds with sisterhood and create a crystal grid between our hearts. 

Worth £200


The vortex

5 X 85 minutie session 

Each session explores a different topic that is designed to ignite the power of the womb, embrace the love that you are and give you the ability to tap into your inner radiance. 

Worth £1,111





There is no pebble left unturned, and you won't be left hanging in between each session, not knowing or remembering what we did during the sessions.

Pre-recorded Qi Gong classes, meditations, activations and Cosmic mandala with codes channelled with a manual on how to use the healing mandala.

Worth £777





We will be in a community of sisterhood to share, reflect, integrate and communicate anything that is coming up for us in a safe space of community. 

You'll always be welcome to email anything you need personal assistance with or a more private question that arises. 

Worth £555



It doesn't just stop there, my sweet sister!






A Divine Mother channelling light code mandala.

This mandala will serve you throughout and beyond your mentorship as a meditation tool, alter piece and reminder of your sacred feminine power.


As a conduit for the Divine Mother, I tune into the energetic field of the group to recall the light code frequencies and symbols that assist in your light body activation.

You'll receive a manual with all the inspirational ways to use the mandala.

Woth £777





The after life



When you have completed your transformational experience, you must know you haven't been dropped into the abyss.

We will have a catch-up call Two/Three weeks after we have gone through your mentorship to see how you are doing and your next move.

Worth £111

Image by Dare Artworks

Saying Yes! To this immersion is like setting yourself on the path of liberation & embracing your inner power.

Why I’m so passionate about
mentoring women with their wombs
& sexual vitality

We are in a time where the ancient ways are rising within us. The mystery of the Divine Mother is returning as we remember how to nurture ourselves and the planet.


For lifetimes women have been hunted and persecuted for being womb holders, carrying the magic of the universe inside of them.

I have recalled many memories of this and healed them with these very methods I AM about to guide you through.

I don't believe they should be mysteries; I feel we can rise together in strength through our womb healing to clear ancestral and now trauma so we can live a life liberated and free to be women in our full spectrum, without shame, abuse, manipulation and fear.

But be loved, revered for our gifts, nurtured for our ways and empowered in our sexuality.

Georgia Ashahra



Hear the magic that can unfold after experiencing light code atunmens and following an embodiment protocol 



Image by Celeste Horrocks

Why do I believe in this method?

This method is thousands of years old and has served many women in becoming embodied and in tune with their bodied.

As a holistic therapist who has been in the industry for 10 years, I have used many different modalities for my own healing journey and for clients. I have observed that healing energies or somatic work alone do not complete the persons healing.

In fact, some can leave you feeling more dissociated, traumatised and confused!

So it is with great care that I have gathered modalities that all serve a great purpose on the healing journey and, when joined together, create a union of mind, body and spirit healing.

My methods are all in a mentorship format so that you are nurtured through a process, as one session will only crack the lid on what we really want to get to the bottom of.

What clients say about working with me


It's your time to reclaim your Womb power & activate your life


All this is awaiting you...

Become centred, grounded and trusting yourself.


Manage and prevent menstrual pains and womb discomfort.

channelling more of your own Qi


Become well acquainted with your sexual life force.


Feel whole in your spiritual practice.


Confident, happy, nourished and supported.

filled with pleasure and orgasmic potential


Channel your sexual energy through your chakras and consciously use it in your life.


Your investment

Because you deserve to be witnessed as the Sacred Woman that you are!

8 weeks of healing, aftercare support plus tools and an online container packed with healing modalities for you to use for a lifetime.

Full price


Early bird

Until 28th September 


pre-sale price

until the 1st September



Pay in whole or in instalments with Clear Pay


Start date

10th October 7pm GMT
(The moment you make your purchase, you get immediate access to the online material and private group.)


Who is your Cosmic Womb guide

Georgia is a conduit for Pure Divine transformation, recalibration and liberation. Influencing other Divine beings to live fearlessly in their innate expression of the Divine Spark, I Am presence. 


 All of her life she has been in deep communion and connection to the stars, recalling past lives from as young as three years old.

Her decision to lead a path of spiritual devotion became clear after severe depression and missed direction in life. Reiki was her first pursuit in unlocking more of her own innate wisdom. Many modalities followed, such as crystal healing, meditation, Akashic readings, yoga, EFT, holistic massages and many other modalities she felt drawn to, each one opening up doorways of remembrance. 

Most recently, she studied under some of the most prestigious Taoist and Tantric feminine arts teachers to collaborate with what she has uncovered through memories of ancient Lemurian/Avalonian times. 

Georgia has many innate gifts, intuitively guided by a strong connection to her multidimensional aspects. 

You'll experience light language channelling and multi-dimensional healing when in a space with Georgia, who is always holding you in a Divinely loving container.


How is a light code beneficial to your life?


What is a light-code mandala? 

 Divine crystal code painting will be created to reflect the energetic field of the group. Codes will be created into art. The codes we bring through hold the Divine consciousness tone/frequency. This is in its purest sacred nature, clear from distortion, this is the celestial note in which you resonate and that which you bring to this earthly plane. 

Each and every person has come through with a soul song, the purest vibrational sound, which is felt and heard at a core level. 

Having coded art like this will help bring that connection back to you or at least expand your awareness of this Sacred truth. 

It brings a great remembrance of who you are on a soul level. You will also feel a deeper connection to your Ascended family of light/love and the Cosmic Womb.

In a world where we are moving through so much density, this is a Sacred tool to practice your Divine consciousness embodiment, to maintain this truth within your heart. 

In the moment when you feel a lowering of your vibration or an experience knocks you off your tracks, your Divine sacred geometry Cosmic art will be your guiding star bringing you back to your heart's truth. 

Eventually, through your embodiment process, you will strengthen your field beyond this art portal. We hold such hope that you will see this as beautiful memorabilia of the process and devotional practice you underwent for the Divine consciousness embodiment here on Mother Earth.

How can we rewire the DNA? 

DNA is an ever-changing expression of you depending on the environment (epigenetics gives us scientific proof of this). So the more light the more Cosmic/ multidimensional /shamanic and other high vibrational cosmic practices you bring into our experience, the more you allow that to shift your frequency. This, in turn, sends the signal to the cells, which sends a signal to the DNA to clear our old data, not in alignment, and activate the Divine frequencies that you are! 


The Divine/God-Goddess essence shows you that expressions of joy, creativity, beauty, celebration and loving presence that are the ultimate key to unlocking your innate wisdom/Divine expression/Heaven embodied. 


During this 8-week immersion, you will explore these aspects of the Goddess expression, holding space within your being and as a group collective vibrating/emanating this love. With the power of the collective, we are able to immerse our cells and DNA and shift through into the octaves of Divine crystal consciousness.


With all the fun, play, and expression, moments of your deepest fear may emerge, allowing ancestral memories to shift through for realisation. Within this space, you are deeply held, deeply seen, and all of your being is accepted and loved. 

This is a calling to come and express all you are, to be fearless with your unique expression and Shakti energy.

For it is lifetime after lifetime that women, magical creatures, children and the unique have been suppressed, and these hold the deep core wounds. It is time to express, play and show up in your authentic Divine nature.

The Goddess takes many forms; you will also get to explore her many facets and how they play a role in your own life, too. 


First Ceremony ~ Initiation into the Crystalline Temple 

We will start by collectively tuning into and creating a sacred consciousness grid to remember each soul within the space.


We are journeying into the Sacred realms to activate and hold ceremonies in these dimensional planes.

During the Quantum meditation, sacred sound attunements occur. These vibrational patterns are created to assist in weaving the codes into the cellular memory and begin the activation process.  Establishing a connection and intention with the cosmic womb


During the week until the next, we will have guided tasks to follow, hold the moment of frequency and reminders to play! 


Second Ceremony ~ Divine Channel of love

Clearing the field and creating a clear channel. This prepares the mind, body and soul to be in response to relax and surrender to the flow of light code expression. 

Connecting with energy centres and meridians, also known as EFT & Qi Gong, combining light language sound to shift and clear with pure vibration.  

Activating energy systems/ Sacred Geometry 


We have a multitude of energy systems that aren't all known. We are made up of sacred geometric patterns. Some systems may just need a little reboot or readjustment. Now that we are moving into higher states of consciousness, we are able to embody more Divine remembrance.


Much like a meridian circuit, we have channels and energy systems that, when activated, connect to different dimensions and allow us to have a vast connection to consciousness, oneness and the Divine. When connected, you can experience the divine light rays and intuitive and cosmic connections to Pure Loving Source/God/Goddess.


Third Ceremony ~ The Conduit of medicine 

Moving our bodies keeps our vital life force flowing healthy and strong. Ancient practices like yoga and qi gong were created for this very function. 

During this session, we will be guiding you to express your energy in the body, and feeling without limitations. 

This can be in hand/ light code activation with mudra, swirling, shaking and moving the body as needed to let the energy flow. 

Various traditional methods, combined with the intuitive free flow will be initiated alongside music and mantra. 

VERY Best Sales Page Mockup.png

Fourth Ceremony ~ You Are A Living Symbol 

We will come into a ceremonial space to draw in our own creative expression. First, we will start with activating the energy through breath and movement, sounding and then playing with art/channelling codes. 

It's important to get into a flow state to take the pressure off being perfect when putting pen to paper. 

During school, it was drilled in to follow the line and copy exactly what was on a black and whiteboard. 

Throughout these sessions, you will have been loosening the load from these old school beliefs and expressing your cosmic messages coming deep from your soul.


Fifth Ceremony ~ Soul Song Awakening

 Soul Song Awakening 

Soul song/ multidimensional remembrance 

During the ceremony with the collective comes many harmonic frequencies, commonly known as light language or the language of light. Through the heart's magnetic field, the source resonances are transmitted to heal, awaken and shift through many dimensional layers and energy fields.


Through this communication portal, the language of light can also be demonstrated using hand movements, written light codes and pure being in the presence of the open heart portal. 

You will quickly be reminded of your multidimensional self as you hear the sound resonance of the cosmic heart collective.


Each harmonic frequency penetrates your being, awakens the energetic DNA, and brings back fragmented soul parts. Returning to wholeness liberates you into a state of love and joy. From this place, you can sing the song of your soul.

We will be practising toning and moving sounds through our bodies.

Most often, simply by being in this space where the energy is held, this will open up for you. 


Sixth Ceremony ~ Self-love & Gratitude 

Embodiment is key to successfully anchoring these codes and fully recalibrating your DNA, which only you can truly do yourself.


This ceremony is so potent because you can take action and be conscious of the codes. Many have been made to believe there is something wrong with their bodies, to dislike parts of them or not want to be in them at all (which has been a theme in my life too). 

Self-love practices, nourishing and supporting the body will assist in this shift.

This ceremony practice is body application, reminding the cells guiding this body to treat it with love. Here, we will work with massage and elixirs (focusing on hands and feet, maybe face if guided).

The final aspect of this ceremony will be dedicated to individuals of the collective who wish to express their love.



Seventh Ceremony~ Goddess Awakening


Goddess embodiment!

We are communicating with our inner goddess, the primordial goddess and the many forms the Divine Mother takes. 

This exploration will remind you how truly sacred and connected you are to the Cosmic and earthly aspects of the Goddess. 

We will call them through mantra, dance embodiment, role play and devotional ritual. 

Have you ever noticed how society fragments what is Divine, what makes a goddess? 

We will also examine our conditioning to reveal the veils to drape ourselves in Divine truth. 

Eighth Ceremony ~ Finial cermony

In this final, we will dance with the great beloved, remember our pure innocence and bathe in the glory of everyone's greatness. 

Gauging on the group process, you will move through various modalities to enrich and deepen everything you have been embodying throughout this immersion. 

This could look like particular somatic releasing, self-massage, womb and yoni-related connections.


Reflecting on the immersion, space to share, be witnessed and embrace the love for the sisterhood. 

At the very end will give thanks and connect with the crystalline grid to manifest this magic into the world.


Priavate 1:1 Intergration

We have a private session to complete your process and ensure you feel fully healed and ready to be released or dive deeper. 

This is vital to anyone's process as healing work brings up much to be processed and can leave one feeling lost, out of sorts or displaced. 

Life looks very different as we uplevel to new states of consciousness embodiment, joy, love and bliss. 

How we respond and are responded to in life, love, and relationships can change. 

If you've ever done anything like this before, you will know that sometimes things that weren't serving us fall away. which may be a good thing, but it isn't always an easy process either! 

So I want to hold support for you after we are complete here so you don't feel alone in dealing with the drastic changes your life has suddenly gone through. 

(I wish I had this during my mentorships and spiritual journeys.) 



In-person retreat 

A bonus opportunity to gather in person. 

At the end of this immersion.

We will visit sacred sites, sound healing, Grid-work, crystal healing, light language channelling, and sacred feminine art practices. 

Those who join the online immersion get priority booking for the retreat.

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