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Goddess Revival

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Goddess Revival
Goddess Revival

Tid og sted

17. mar. 2024, 10.00 – 17.00

Hothfield, Lake House, Maidstone Road, Hothfield, Ram Lane, Ashford TN26 1AR, UK

Om eventet

The Goddess Revival Retreat invites you to a full day of celebrating the Divine Feminine and embodying your inner Goddess. We welcome women of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds to come and join us for an immersive, full day of somatic and energetic practices, ancient rituals, connecting with nature, intention setting, guided meditation, cosmic sound journey, and connecting with a nourishing and safe community of women.

We will be working together to help remove insecurities and shame around how your body moves, making way for self-expression, liberation, and elemental harmony, and we will work with our senses to activate innocent pleasure and healing.

Do you ever remember being a child and your mother stroking your hair and singing a lullaby? By tapping into the nurturing nature of sisterhood and self-love, you'll awaken the Goddess codes so each sister can remember her beauty, grace, and birthright to be embodied LOVE.

Fall in love with yourself and clear any sisterhood wounds you may be holding onto.

On the 17th of March, we will be pushing aside the western celebrations of "St. Patrick's Day" and reclaiming it as the day of the Goddess!

We will be honouring the coming of the Spring Equinox, exploring how we can work with these energies, aligning our lives with the rhythms of nature, allowing space for our own lives to flow with more happiness and abundance, and gaining a deeper inner standing of ourselves, our beautiful bodies & wombs.

What is the Spring Equinox? The March equinox – aka the vernal equinox – marks the sun’s crossing above the Earth’s equator, moving from south to north, and also is the beginning of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

Spring Equinox, often referred to as the "return of Spring" is associated with rebirth, fertility, and Goddesses Eostarre, Persephone, and Flora. So, as you can see, this time of year is directly intertwined with the Divine Feminine.

Spring equinox starts the zodiac wheel with Aries, the first zodiac, bringing in the season of growth, new life, and sunshine. Therefore, in ancient times and pagan traditions, it is the Spring Equinox that represents the true New Year.

Artwork: Sister Circle by Jenny Hahn Art

What is a Sacred Women's Circle?

A women’s circle is an ancient feminine practice. It is a gathering of women in which all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds are welcomed with open arms to come together in a safe space to connect and share wisdom, heal, rest, and support one another. In joining a women’s circle, we can express our dreams and our fears freely without judgment, as we are held by our sisters.

Women's circles help to reconnect us to the ways of our ancestors: before the takeover of patriarchy, women would gather together, bleed together, and heal together as an essential part of community and as a powerful ancient ritual. Women have a very special connection to the Moon, as we share the same 28-day cycle, so learning to understand the cyclical nature of the Moon can help us to deepen our inner connection to ourselves, our bodies, womb & cycle (wherever we are at in life).

No experience at all is necessary.

What to Expect at the Retreat:

*Welcome Circle

*Spring Equinox Workshop

*Goddess Embodiment Kundalini Yoga

*Guided Meditation

*Tantric Somatic Practices

*Womb Healing

*Cosmic Sound Journey

*Connecting with Nature

*Communal Lunch

*Goddess Oracle Cards

*Sacred sharing circle


What to Bring/Prepare

*Yoga mat

*Comfortable clothing that makes you feel great (feel free to dress up your Divine Feminine!)

*Water bottle

*Journal & pen

*Lunch & snacks to share

*Blanket & cushion (optional)

*Items for the altar (fresh flowers, goddess icon, crystals, etc.)

The Venue: The Lake House Kent.

The Lake House is a beautiful retreat venue with multiple spaces that host a huge range of holistic treatments and therapies. The owner aims to help promote the importance of good mental health for everyone of all ages, to offer help and understanding in what to some can be a very chaotic world; they are committed to helping everyone find some form of inner peace

So, not only is the venue located in the idyllic Ashford countryside, but there is also loving kindness and good intention emanating from the space.

The Goddess Revival Retreat will be held in the Amber Moon Room and we will have free roam of the gardens to ground our feet into the earth and breathe in the beautiful Spring air.

The Lake House also has rooms available for anyone who wishes to join the retreat but has to travel a long distance, or if anyone wishes to make a weekend of it.

We will also be setting up a carpooling group for anyone who wishes to share the drive and travel costs with others, so please let us know if you would like to be a part of this.

The Hosts: Chloe Rose Heartful

Chloe is a certified Traditional Hatha & Kundalini Yoga teacher, Alternative Medicine Practitioner, Artist, Intuitive Guide, and Space Holder. She fell in love with Yoga in her early 20s and has been exploring and refining many different styles of Yoga for 12+ years.

She had the absolute blessing of 1-1 coaching for 2 months, 6 days a week with incredible Yoga teachers in Rishikesh, India. She was taught the traditional (non-western) teachings of both Kundalini & Hatha Yoga, including intensive chakra education, traditional philosophies, advanced meditation techniques, pranayam (breathwork), mantra, anatomy & Ayurveda (learning about nutrition & body types).

She has been teaching private clients, group classes, and holding event spaces for the past 4 years and is currently working on multiple retreat spaces and online courses. She is an intuitive guide and a wonderful listener, here to help support people wherever they are at on their journey.

Her life has not been an easy ride, struggling with depression, anxiety, and substance abuse from a young age. However, embarking on her inward journey has been the catalyst to turning her life around and she is passionate about helping others on their spiritual quest. Chloe believes that she is here on Earth to share the tales of her past experiences to help show others the way to connect to themselves and their true calling.

She has been connecting with the cycles of the moon for many years and has been experimenting with different natural and holistic healing practices to support mental and physical health and gain massive well-being upgrades. Chloe loves bringing people together, especially women, to watch the magic unfold within a safe and conscious community space.

The Hosts: Georgia Ashahra

Georgia is a conduit for Pure Divine transformation, recalibration, and liberation. Influencing other Divine beings to live fearlessly in their innate expression of the Divine Spark, I Am presence.

All of her life she has been in deep communion and connection to the stars, recalling past lives from as young as three years old, from a Witch Priestess to lives in different star systems.

Her decision to lead a path of spiritual devotion became clear after severe depression and missed direction in life. Reiki was her first pursuit in unlocking more of her own innate wisdom. Many modalities followed, such as crystal healing, meditation, Akashic readings, yoga, EFT, Entity removal, holistic massages, and many other modalities she felt drawn to, each one opening up doorways of remembrance.

Most recently, she studied under some of the most prestigious Taoist and Tantric feminine arts teachers to uncover the mysteries of the womb and ancient Lemurian/Avalonian times.

Georgia has many innate gifts, much of what she does is intuitively guided by a strong connection to her multidimensional aspects.

You'll experience light language channeling and multi-dimensional healing when in a space with Georgia, who is always holding you in a Divinely loving container.


Invite a friend/sister to join you and receive £22 discount. 

(You need to purchase together. at checkout- code SISTER)


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