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The Lemurian Way To Krystal Consciousness

~Return to the cosmic heart~ A sacred journey to remember your Divinity through the way of LeMUrian and Divine guidance. Activating DNA codes within your cells for 5D+ embodiment. Ceremony, Song, Play, Creativity, Dance & laughter!

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The Lemurian Way To Krystal Consciousness
The Lemurian Way To Krystal Consciousness

Horario y ubicación

13 may 2022, 20:00 – 21:30 GMT+1


Acerca del evento

The way of LeMUrian Krystal Consciousness Journey has been channelled through the remembrance of Georgia Lea Polden, who has aspects of existence in the realm of Lemuria/Mu. These memories first started to become clear after receiving an Akashic records reading. During that session, a full show of this life was shown to Georgia and the realms of LeMUria. She was guided by her Guides to research crystals that would help with her LeMUrian connection, to discover there were actual crystals linked to this place.

Since then they have been guiding her through practices to reconnect her and others to their true self, their Divine essence. The light language was activated during these times of remembrance among many other ceremonial ritual practices.

In this lifetime Georgia has a background in Reiki, meditation, mindfulness, holistic bodywork/massage, Akashic records, EFT, and crystal healing. What has been activated here is from the ancient, yet very present moment, assistance of her Lemurian and cosmic aspects/guides which are all designed to align to the Divine truth of one's being.

To truly awaken this expression of remembrance is to go within, deep within our cells, our DNA.

All of us beings in this and many other lifetimes have carried coding within our DNA that prevents us from developing and living our true authentic selves. This wave of souls here on the Earth is creating a magnificent shift into Divine states of consciousness through rewiring these programming and downloading the Divine blueprint.

From this devotion to creating Heaven on Earth, we are moving to a new state of being. Each of us peeling away the layers, clearing the way and sending out the signal to be in our Divine alignment, which is the shift we've all been waiting for.

How can we rewire the DNA?

DNA is an ever-changing expression of ourselves depending on the environment (epigenetic gives us scientific proof of this). So the more light, the more ancient Lemurian and other high vibrational cosmic practices we bring into our experience, the more we allow that to shift our frequency. This in turn sends the signal to the cells, which sends a signal to the DNA to clear our old data, not in an alignment, and activate the Divine frequencies that are!

The LeMUrian and in truth the Divine/God/Goddess essence shows us that expressions of joy, creativity, beauty, celebration and loving presence are the ultimate keys to unlocking our innate wisdom/Divine expression/Heaven embodied.

During this three week course, we will explore these aspects of the Divine expression, holding space within our being and a group collective vibrating/emanating this love. With the power of collective (which is very much a LeMUrian and cosmic/star-being way of life), we can immerse our cells and DNA and shift through into the octaves of Divine Krystal consciousness (5D+).

With all the fun, play, and expression, moments of your deepest fear may emerge, allowing ancestral memories to shift through for realisation. Within this space, you are deeply held, deeply seen and all of your being is accepted and loved.

This is a calling to come and express in all that you are, to be fearless with your unique expression of release and play.

For it is lifetime after lifetime that women, magical creatures, children and the unique have been suppressed and these hold the deep core wounds. The LeMUrian way is a reminder that this is your time to express, play and show up in your authentic nature. It is safe to do so and we are in perfect alignment for Krystal expansion.

Who is this Sacred space for?

If you have the deepest calling within you to be in service to raising humanity's consciousness and living into higher octaves of love!

It all starts from within, when we realise our bodies are temples for the Divine and we are a micro-universe within the Marco-universe we can understand that by shifting individually we create a ripple effect into all universes.

Right now all of us are moving through waves of light that is filling the planet for this shift that is occurring, everyone!

This can feel physically demanding, and emotionally challenging and our whole lives are transforming.

We are seeking to find ground, a community, and accept love for ourselves and others.

Most importantly those that are here that are aware of this, may remember other lifetimes or want to remember more of their own truth.

This can leave us feeling like we don't fit in or questioning how we can live in this newfound paradigm when the world hasn't caught up with this remembrance.

Within this Sacred space, the Divine Spark within me will be evoking the Divine Spark within you. An aspect that has embodied Krystal Consciousness would like to remind you how this is possible and to activate the codes to hold this frequency.

Sometimes we feel it, maybe get a taste to be in Divine remembrance, yet it drops away. These practices and codes will be showing us how we can maintain this in our daily lives and how we can springboard back into this consciousness effortlessly.

What is in the container?

*Quantum Krystal Consciousness code mandala for the collective group*

This group will hold a very special activation for humanity, I will be tuning into the codes needed to activate this sacred collective of souls for their evolution. This will be interpreted into art, and you will all receive an email copy. It is advised to get this printed before the ceremonies, although not essential.

First Ceremony ~ Initiation into the Krystal Temple

We will start by collectively tuning into and creating a sacred grid of consciousness for remembrance of each soul within the space. Journeying into the Krystal realms for activations and ceremonies into these dimensional planes.

Sacred ritual practice for activating the waters.

This will include a drink water ceremony and honouring the waters of our inner bodies.

During the week until the next, we will have guided tasks to follow, hold the moment of frequency and reminders to play!

Second Ceremony ~ Divine expression

We will come into a ceremonial space to draw in our own creative expression. First, we will start with activating the energy through breath and movement, sounding and then playing with art/channelling codes.

Final Ceremony ~ Self-love expansion

With the use of tapping and sound vibrations, we will unleash new ways of love throughout our bodies. Following another practice for body application, reminding the cells that are guiding this body to treat it with love. Here we will work with massage and elixirs (focusing on hands and feet).

The final aspect of this ceremony will be dedicated to individuals of the collective that wish to express their love.

All sessions will be recorded for replay and integration.

I am excited to be activating this Divine remembrance and play with you all in the crystal realms.

Infinite love and joy,



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