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Image by Sarah Brown

Alignment Session

Light Language Channeling & Healing Facilitation  

Georgia is a pure vessel for the cosmic heart collective, which is a team of ascended masters from multidimensional realms. Together they work as a  family of light that resonates at the divine love frequency, bringing waves of pure love and joy for healing, awakening and expansion.
During a session, a sacred temple space is created, forming a magnetic field of divine love resonance. Once this is in place the team, work through your energy field to clear and upgrade your system.  

​We are living in a divinely sacred and awakening time on mother earth. Her energy has been rising back to its original divine blueprint and this means many changes are taking place within. As a collective, we are being asked to break down old constructs, look deep within our morals and approach to life. As an individual, we are asked the same. To look deep within our shadows, belief systems and daily practices. How do we want to live? How do we want to serve and be a more kind and loving person in this world? 
The time is now to take action, actively make changes and transform our shadows into wisdom.  Step into our divine purpose, serve from the highest divine love resonance. 
The only way this can be done is through making the changes, actively looking within and creating a life practice of spiritual development. 

The cosmic heart collective is a collective which holds this divine resonance and enables the space for you to join the expansive journey, unlocking more of your multidimensional soul. Only through the experience will you truly know what can be achieved and how magnificently you can transform. This is a journey, one that is infinite and takes your consistent devotion and divine will. 

If you are ready to awaken your cosmic heart connection, sing your soul song and expand your soul tribe, book a space with the cosmic heart collective for this divinely sacred session. 

The cosmic heart collective is an intuitive team bringing through multidimensional modalities that vary from session to session. If you need guidance and suggested practices, you'll be guided on a quantum meditation for healing and transmuting energies, receiving your own gifts and modalities. The team will often ask you to take part in working through the meridian and various energy systems to clear blockages and upgrade your subconscious patterning. 

There are options to combine a session with your crystalline soul image which can be extremely powerful if you are seeking a quantum leap. 


I've been drawn to Georgia for such a long time, watching her youtube videos and attending her online meditations. I felt such a resonance to the light language, even though I didn't understand what it meant. I found myself crying to some of the transmissions, it was like something inside of me knew this is what I needed. 

I have been having a lot of ascension symptoms and going through all the different stages of awakening, this was the key to moving up the spiral for me. The session took me back to the source, I could feel the activation happening, with tingling all over my body and my hands moving, creating symbols. 

I have had a few guidance sessions to practice and understand the movement and sounds that want to come through me. These sessions have been a magical experience, which leaves me feeling closer to my star family, gifts and being more activated each time. 

Thank you for all that you do for me and the collective,

With love 

Indigo Child

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