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Womb Codes

Hello beloved, 

Here is where you download the womb codes file for a collection of codes that support your womb and feminine body wisdom coming alive. 

As mentioned in the video, print them off; maybe just the one you feel most drawn to for now and use it as a water charger. 

take note of how you feel and what unfolds from connecting with the cosmic codes. 

Something that's a little different from the video; I decided to give you a pack of different healing frequency mandalas to choose from. Each one has a different vibration and use. 

This is your time to tune into your intuition and work with the mandala that calls to your womb. 

You may find you only need one, or a few different ones. Maybe work with one a week to experiment with the vibrations. 

If we have been cut off from our intuition or womb wisdom, we may think we don't need it, such as the womb curse healing, but once you start activating these codes within yourself, you will realise you have so much more potential to unlock. we are infinite expansive beings 

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