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Lions Gate 8:8

Emerging from the fields of crystal consciousness 💎

Evoking truth from seeking, love from opening and clarity in our guidance.

Oh wow are there some twists and turns to navigate. As we move through the current energies we are losing old selves again, again and again. Finding our feet on new grounds, grounds we had forgotten. Taken on healing journeys, past present and future, yet reminded of the NOW. Ouch, as we are taken out of safety and comfort. Omnipresent love guiding back to heart knowing.

This energy is a cleanser , quick but gentle. Tap into the figure of 8, the infinity ♾, move your hips and hands to its motion. Your breath, imagine you are creating the loops as you breathe in and out.

Stay present. Enjoy the 8:8 journey


As a celebration for these beautiful times I am opening some offerings.

For the month of August I’m offering Divine Template art for an exchange of £44. These beautiful light encoded mandalas come with PDF manual on how to use them.

for all those that have had pervious creations hand painted and would like a digital version, I would like to make this £33. As we raise our consciousness we access more and more of our crystal codes.

infinite love and joy


Cosmic Heart Space 💗

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