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Monthly Live sessions & light code art

Hi, wonderful Cosmic Heart community!

For those that follow social media, you would have seen the light codes that have been pouring through and evolving rapidly. Much like the current energies!

I want to keep everyone as up to date as possible so that everyone on all platforms can access the codes. It feels very important to my heart to yours that we share and expand together.

Each week I will be doing two live sessions over at Instagram

Monday- Meditation and open to discussions on current energies 7.00pm UK (2 pm CST)

This gives souls a nice start to the week to align and stay centred in the heart. If anyone is going through difficulties but doesn’t have the opportunity for a personal session. This is a great time to receive some healing, have intuitive messages and clearing for your path.

Wednesday- code creations 7.30 pm UK (2.30 pm CST)

This is where we sit in sacred space, creating digital light codes. You have the opportunity to put in a request there and then on the live session. If you aren’t sure but would like a code, then ask for a code creation for your highest good. These codes are great tools that you will have with you for as long as it resonates. Below I will be sharing a small ritual idea for you to work with the code. We are moving into times of embodiment, we are living codes.

Make sure you check your time zones if you are watching from another contrary. I would love to know what times best suit everyone, so please reach out if you are unable to make these times.

This months code creation for the collective

Print them off if you feel called to do so and work with them as described in the PDF or however you feel inner guided too.

Use your intuition to feel and sense into their vibrations. W are they doing for you? how can you work with them? Know it will be all for your greater good and where you are at, at this time. Now more than ever it is important to grow and strengthen your intuition.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, enjoying the full moon and I hope to see you all during the live sessions.

If you would like to work with me for one to one sessions head over to the website to see all offerings. Plus I have a shop where you can purchase pre-recorded light language activations with coded artwork, Sacred Earth Embodiment course is also a compilation of guided meditations, light code art work and PDF worksheets.



Cosmic Heart Collective

Light Code Water Elixir
Download PDF • 818KB

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