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The stars are your friends

I have come to realise that most people want to connect with star beings yet are deeply afraid.

They feel safe in the confines of angelic beings who have wings and look like a delight.

Yet if a being looked partly animal-like or had darker more pointed features it would scare them.

The fear of the unknown takes over before they have a chance to feel the energy and intentions of the being.

Thus rejecting the connection.

Still, they wonder and call out for their star family to come and connect with them, think they haven't shown up... But they just haven't got the look the person is wishing for.

Angelic frequency beings aren't all winged, some have bug features. I personally relate Acturian and Antarian to hold this resonance and assist in such an angelic manner.


During a plant healing ceremony, I was embraced by the Divine Mother who was rainbow yet features were horns and fangs. All I could feel was Divine love and benevolent intentions to assist during my journey.

I asked why the features if you are of Divine love. The answer was to scare off demons (she laughed). The conversation went on about appearances, frequency and how this was a lesson for me and many of Earth as the material world creates perceptions of what is beauty and how it determines likeability.

Going from a place of what we see versus what we feel will often create disappointment or misdirection.

Going beyond the status quo and digging deeper for your truth feeling form expanded awareness.

I always start my session by creating a safe and sacred space calling in guides and creating a field of energy that supports the session and the person.

Recently I had a session where they found initial fears when they saw some beings appear in space but as the connection deepened they could feel the angelic resonance and star family connection.

The client thought this was negative energies leaving and the star family coming in.

Yet what felt more clear to me was it was just unrecognised energies (the unknown fear and difference in appearance)

To then adjust to their presence, becoming familiar and checking deep within if the beings are of Divine love and highest support.

(art from Izzy Ivys Beyond Lemuria deck)

I would also like to add that there is so much talk about what is good and bad in the cosmic realms which feels off-putting.

Yet I feel the most disempowering thing is to ignore it all altogether.

We are cosmic beings, the earth is in the universe thus we are too.

We are physical and non-physical.

The more awareness we have and the less fear of the "unknown" the more empowered we are with our energy and what we choose to interact with.

So I invite you, if you feel fear of a star being or something that appears in the unseen to investigate your internal reality to see where this is resonating with you truly and why this fear has emerged, what is its purpose and where the fear originates from.

If you'd like to explore your internal landscape and expand your soul I have a short mini-course "Soul Explorations" that guides you to new levels of self-aware playfully and creatively. 💌 ~Soul~ and I'll share the details. 

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