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Time to focus on your healing

🔹 This means you are on the right path to discovering more about yourself and lifting the lid on those darker shadow aspects. It can be a tough journey at times, you may feel a little lonely like you are having to do all the work yourself and needing support. Maybe you just need some guidance or a little nudge in the right direction. I can assure you, you are now in the right place with a gentle light language meditation to soothe your soul. Listen with your heart, open to all possibilities and let go of any expectations. Surrender and enjoy this "me time".

🔹 A Divine Crystalline Template session would benefit you, as the divine energies are able to hold space for you to truly lift away anything that is holding you back or causing you discomfort at this time. light language is used to create a sacred space and magnify divine love energies for healing and transformation. You are then in a safe space to release old patterns, timelines, beliefs, negative energy and so forth. This is also an opportunity in which you can integrate and expand awareness of Divine Consciousness. 

🔹 Daily meditation practices are highly beneficial for calming the mind and creating a deeper connection to our higher self/ source spark. At Cosmic Heart Space, there are several opportunities to either have personal meditation sessions or purchase pre-recorded deeply healing light language meditations. 

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