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Crystalline Yoni Initiation

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Are you reclaiming your Yoni wisdom? My journey with my yoni is a story I have often shared here that holds great importance to my spiritual path and becoming even more connected with nature. Maybe you relate? For years, I suppressed my natural cycle and didn't want to experience the natural rhythm of my yoni because "it got in the way." I'd been cleaning out my body and life from all the toxic things and the blockers so I could devote myself to my spiritual path, but one thing needed to change. So I came clean; I removed a coil that felt so unnatural in my body (creating lots of physical and emotional issues) to embrace my full womanly body and become one with the cycles of nature. Through the trust and journey with the Divine mother and cosmic womb, I have found peace and love for my yoni, the portal to the Divine that lives within me. Shame has subsided, body insecurities have disintegrated, and my Shakti has risen to great heights. Your Divine portal that desires its Sacred title longs to be reclaimed and anointed into its highest expression. You don't have to live by other people's standards or expectations. You get to express your Divine essence and feel liberated in your body. In this initiation, You'll be introduced to the Mu Rose Healing temple, the importance of Yoni and Heart coherence, and some luscious practices to get you more acquainted with your Yoni. What you'll discover: ✅The Mu Way ✅Sacred qualities of your yoni ✅Increased Yoni intuition ✅improve your Yoni relationship ✅uncover the frequencies to attune your Heart and Yoni into harmony ✅confdience in your body wisdom ✅break free from beliefs you have about your yoni 🌹Discover the healing powers from your Lemurian Soul Guide. 🌹Attune to the crystalline frequencies within your yoni 🌹Clear away old patterns held in the Yoni. 🌹Awaken how to utilise your Yoni power to live a life of purpose and soul alignment. 🌹Discover why heart and yoni unification is the way to an expansive life ful

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