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Welcome, beloved, Thank you for choosing to awaken your womb wisdom!

... here is a little bit about your womb guide

Georgia is a conduit for Pure Divine transformation, recalibration and liberation. Influencing other Divine beings to live fearlessly in their innate expression of the Divine Spark, I Am presence. 


 All of her life she has been in deep communion and connection to the stars, recalling past lives from as young as three years old, from witchy Priestess to lives in different star systems.

Her decision to lead a path of spiritual devotion became clear after severe depression and missed direction in life. Reiki was her first pursuit in unlocking more of her own innate wisdom. Many modalities followed, such as crystal healing, meditation, Akashic readings, yoga, EFT, Entity removal, holistic massages and many other modalities she felt drawn to, each one opening up doorways of remembrance. 

Most recently, she studied under some of the most prestigious Taoist and Tantric feminine arts teachers to uncover the mysteries of the womb and ancient Lemurian/Avalonian times. 

Georgia has many innate gifts, much of what she does is intuitively guided by a strong connection to her multidimensional aspects. 

You'll experience light language channelling and multi-dimensional healing when in a space with Georgia, who is always holding you in a Divinely loving container.

What are the core unveilings in the guidebook

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