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Clients Testimonial

Clients Testimonial



“I came to Georgia as I felt she could help with key codes for light language. Her light language art resonated strongly with me. I had been suffering from numbness in my feet for a couple of months but did not know why. Georgia confirmed that my grounding was not catching. It was a beautiful, beautiful session that involved a guided meditation, breathwork, sound healing and light language. When my soul song came out and I started singing I cried. There was so much emotion. It felt like I was singing a song from times long passed. I saw my yellow dragon and angelic aspects come in to assist. It felt wonderful to spread my wings. My soul song artwork was wonderful! I could not stop looking at it. A beautiful, serene session by a beautiful soul” Blessings and peace



There are experiences in one's life that are unforgettable and life-changing, for me Georgia is one of these!! the Pure Love I felt working with Georgia was tangible and I am a veteran in the healing world have given and received for more than 20 years, and the Purity and Heart were the most wonderful and greatest!! She is a Divine vessel on earth, her ability to transmute energy and bring through aspects of Love are unprecedented and I highly recommend anyone who wishes to embody their own Divine Spark and Georgia is the catalyst!! A gentle being with incredible Power, the Power of Love!! I am forever grateful to have called into my field someone as incredible as you!!!



Thank you for your time today. 


The meditation was absolutely wonderful, connecting me back to my true authentic self. 


I still feel the energy, I am still moving 


Thank you for the recording and have a lovely evening.


Lots of love Marie ️

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Thank you so much, I am still upgrading and feeling so many shifts weeks after the session.


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I am so grateful for your work. I spend some time listening to whales sounds and felt somewhere deep inside that I emotionally understood their conversation, it was truly life-changing.

Your course is incredible 


(Galactic Whale course)


I am really grateful for you and your inspiration. 

I have connected to the codes and my stellar family much better after listening to channelling and activations. Here in Brazil the energy and magnetic field are very intense now, it has helped me to anchor in the crystalline grid and to maintain the cosmic connection. 

 Star Sis 

Thank you so much! The universe works in great ways. I found you for a good reason :) I did sit down and try to channel the song again this afternoon. In the middle of singing, I stopped and normal light language just came pouring out at 100 miles an hour. So many sounds I didn't know I could make, phew!! I didn't expect it that quick. 


Hi Georgis, I did one of your meditations this morning and was able to channel my soul song, it just flowed out naturally. 


From Healing activation course:

Thank you for this beautiful stream of Light Language.

Thanks again for our session. Lots of positive progression and change has happened in my life since. The next session would be perfect in person. 


My Dear Soul Sis, 

You are seriously the real deal, I just knew intuitively I needed to see you and connect with the codes and Divine Light Language you share. The session was like nothing I have ever experienced before, my whole body was moving and vibrating. The activations have been ongoing ever since, I can hear my soul pouring out from my heart. I've listened to many light language people before, but this has been the most resonant and sacred experience I have ever had. 

Thank you from all of my soul aspects,


Wow <3 <3 <3


Thank y'all so much for this blessing <3 


I'm truly honored to receive this. Shook & speechless & full of love. The image itself and the activations it holds are both calming & invigorating at the same time!?!?!?!  It reminds me of home and somehow gives me a feeling of where to go from here... which is something I've been missing for the past year or so! :O 


Needless to say, again, THANK YOU for sharing this magic with me. I am reminded of so much truth that fills & surrounds me. Your art is so beautiful -- this piece specifically and the message, but also your ART like your artistry and how you share your magic <3 


Sending you so much love,


The Activation was wonderful. I set the higher self activation as a background on my phone I feel more guided and and things are moving faster.


I have done a meditation with the higher self integration light code

Experience was awesome

I felt sadness for no reason I knew it was clearing then bliss

Thank you so much for your wonderful work 🙏💖✨🥰

Su Anul

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