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sacred feminine

Guiding you back to your true essence through somatic, sound and art healing 

The Divine mission has sung from the stars & beyond...

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  • 01 ago 2024, 19:00 GMT+1 – 29 ago 2024, 21:00 GMT+1
    Online Event
     Beloveds. You have stepped into the open heart of the Goddess; she is awakening more of her magic within you right now! In this immersion, you will be initiated into exploring your inner worlds and discover what needs to be released, transformed, created, birthed and embodied.


You are invited to the free membership with your soul family to experience and express light code, somatic healing and meditation. 

Join this free nine-part womb embodiment series to unlock your feminine body wisdom and empower your womb with Sacred feminine arts practices. 

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“All these tools have added up to a knock-on effect of me feeling more comfortable in my body. Essentially, moving your body allows the energy to flow and removes any stagnancy and self-doubt.”

Chloe, UK

Hi, I Am Georgia

A Divine Love Conduit On a Mission From The Stars

The greatest gift to this world is shining bright in your truth, living fearlessly in your Divine I am a spark. 

I believe we all have a unique way of expressing the Divine, and as nature itself, we all have the ability to communicate with nature beyond the realms. 

I have studied and practised metaphysical teachings and experienced profound awakenings for over a decade. My mentorship The Key's To Love is the complete package of my experiential wisdom and embodiment so you get a decade of transformational upgrades in 8 weeks. 

It's my absolute passion to be playful, sensual and creative as Divine nature intended. My work is my play because I know this is the key to transforming our crumbling old reality and birthing a new paradigm. Every client who comes to me for a transformation is continually inspired by my deep soul presence and the ability to awaken their Sacred, sensual, creative expression.

As a female-bodied being and uncovering deep witch wounds from as early as three years old, I specialise in womb healing and working with the female anatomy to somatically release these wounds for other women in my Yoni Keeper Mentorship & Radiant Feminine package. 

The mentorships are like nothing else you've experienced on this planet, incorporating light code activations and ancient healing techniques designed to illuminate your true essence, live boldly as your soul desires and reclaim your superpowers.

My mission is to guide as many starlight souls and women as possible to express their true nature and feel empowered, liberated, and connected to their inner being, creating immersion ceremonies and 1:1 transformational experiences around the globe.

georgia ashahra

We create a ripple into the world when we step through the void to reclaim our codes, wisdom, and true essence. That ripple creates waves of souls becoming whole, holy and connected to the Divine organic flow. 

Become the creative force weaving Divine songs into the fabric of creation.

How you can work with me

Sacred Art Remembering

Cosmic Heart & Womb Light Codes

A journey to your true frequency 

Art is a mirror that reflects something deep within us that is beyond words. This is for you; If you know something is beyond the realms of what you have been living, you feel the urge to expand into your cosmic frequencies and commune with Mother Earth. It is time to reclaim your codes with a channelled light code symbol mandala and receive mentorship to become a conduit for your own code creations.


The Keys to love

light code art
light code art
Sacred Feminine Mentorships 

Yoni Keeper


A womans path to femmine body wisdom

A deep container for you to fully transform and become the liberated woman of your dreams.

Have you been sitting in ceremony, going deep with your shadow work? 
This is a next level container to expand into multidimensional layers and tap into the quantum field to go beyond the parameters of what you've known before.

Are you ready to go all in?


Radiant Feminine



Tao healing for womens vitality

Start your womb journey with tao healing tools to bring back your natural radiance and self-empower you with body wisdom. 

This is for you if you want to have the skills to clear your womb of stagnant energy, raise your vibrations and feel more attuned to your body.

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