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Cosmic Heart Space

Georgia Ashahra

Georgia is a conduit for Pure Divine transformation, recalibration and liberation. Influencing other Divine beings to live fearlessly in their innate expression of the Divine Spark, I Am presence. 

 All of her life she has been in deep communion and connection to the stars, recalling past lives from as young as three years old.
Her decision to lead a path of spiritual devotion became clear after severe depression and missed direction in life. Reiki was her first pursuit in unlocking more of her own innate wisdom. Many modalities followed, such as crystal healing, meditation, Akashic readings, yoga, EFT, holistic massages and many other modalities she felt drawn to, each one opening up doorways of remembrance. 
Most recently she studied under some of the most prestigious Taoist and Tantric feminine arts teachers as a part of her uncovering the mysteries of the womb and ancient Lemurian/Avalonian times. 
Georgia has many innate gifts, much of what she does is intuitively guided by a strong connection to her multidimensional aspects. 
One of those is Light Code expression. 
Many terms this Light Language. It can be expressed through sound, movement, art and conscious awareness of the frequency. 

This profound modality assists in the recalibration of DNA, activating the dormant or inactive DNA. The vibration held in the art, movement and sounds is the perfect frequency that matches what is needed for this alchemy to occur. 
The upgrading accelerates your ascension process into the organic frequencies of pure Divine Source and has the ability to reconnect you to multidimensional aspects. It clears distortion from this and other lives/parallel/realms you also reside in and opens up the ability to create your unique light code expression. 
When this integration occurs, it can involve embodying frequencies from a higher dimensional perspective, light language, which is the expression of the soul and Divine Source light codes revived through the heart which also brings more light into the body, moving from a carbon structure to a crystalline. 
Georgia's purpose is to assist others through this transformation, being a guide as they take on this awareness of self from the perspective of a multidirectional being. A part of her journey is to be here for the children that are already awake, that are ready to expand consciousness to the 5th dimension+, this is something we are all in the process and they are extremely sensitive, high vibrational beings that need the support of those that understand them from this perspective. 
Cosmic Heart Space gives support to those journeying through this new wave of awakening.
Here you will find services and resources to integrate with your divine source essence.
This is a time for all to awaken to the divine union of Source, see the multidimensional beings that we are, and integrate gifts of deeper cosmic wisdom. How is this all achieved? Through surrendering to our heart space, remembering pure joy and love. Here we can begin to heal the wounded child within and transform into the golden child we truly are.

Let's connect! 

Blessings, Thank you!

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