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Cosmic light code art

Light code is a name for many different forms of information from Pure Source. This can be delivered through dance, voice, artwork, nature and many different ways it chooses to be expressed.


Your Divine Template painting will be created to reflect your energetic field. Codes will be created into art. The codes we bring through hold the Divine consciousness tone/frequency. This is in its purest sacred nature, clear from distortion, this is the angelic note in which you resonance and that which you bring to this earthly plane. 

Each and every person has come through with a soul song, the purest vibrational sound, which is felt and heard at a core level. 

Having a coded art made like this will help to bring that connection back to you or at least expand your awareness of this Sacred truth. 

It brings a great remembrance of who you are on a soul level. You will also feel a deeper connection to your Ascended family of light/love.

In a world where we are moving through so much density, this is a Sacred tool to practice your Divine consciousness embodiment, to maintain this truth within your heart. 

In the moment when you feel a lowering of your vibration or an experience knocks you off your tracks, your Divine sacred geometry soul art will be your guiding star taking you back to your heart's truth. 

Eventually, through your ascension process, you will strengthen your field beyond this art portal.  We hold such hope that you will see this as beautiful memorabilia to the process and devotional practice you underwent for the Divine consciousness embodiment here on mother earth. 

You will also receive a PDF manual with how to use the code for water Exlixer ritual and crystal charging.

It is advised you have at least one session with the art so we can hold a Sacred ceremony for your hearts anchoring of the loving vibrations and initiation with the Cosmic Heart. 

The course will be a deep dive into your initiation, going through various practices and holding space for you while you expand into your hearts truest expression. 

Do you feel deeply drawn to the frequencies that are expressed in the Cosmic Heart Art?

Whatever you are being called to receive is openly acknowledged, so we ask that you email with any request your heart desires. Dragon/ oceanic paintings are also available,

please contact for a quote 

James Davis
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