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Your soul is calling to connect deeply to the earth and the multidimensions within Gaia

🔹 It is your time to reconnect with nature as nature itself. You may have fairy or inner earth connections already, or looking to understand more about how we are all interconnected. Now is your time. As you connect to your activation, settle into it with an open heart to Gaia, connect to the earth's grid. Perhaps lay under a tree while listening. You will begin to notice the stable energies of nature more and more as you awaken your communication channels. 

🔹 If you love this activation and feel called to go on a deeper journey of understanding your elemental aspects, expand your love resonance and connection to Gaia. I would recommend taking a look at these deeply activating light language meditations. You will find yourself more and more the deeper you dive into the cosmic heart space. 
"Divine Earth Soul Embodiment" is a meditation course with three meditations and written light language codes to practice the embodiment of new earth and an open connection to Gaia. 




🔹 We also have some amazing offerings to have your own unique soul song painting with personal activation meditation. 
In this case, a painting will be created that will be a reflection of your energetic field and codes will be in writing. The codes I bring through usually hold the tone/frequency in which you resonate. 
Each and every person has come through with a soul song, the purest vibrational sound in which is felt and heard at a core level. 
Having a coded art made like this will help to bring that connection back to the person it is for. It brings a great remembrance of who you are on a soul level and re-connects you to the Galactic Light Family.


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